Your Path to Becoming a Healthcare Administrator

Required Courses
  • Hospital Management
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Accounting/Finance
  • Health Law
  • Epidemiology

Healthcare administrators plan, coordinate, and oversee the functions of healthcare facilities and its staff members. Under their job description they are responsible for managing entire facilities, but specialists can be found maintaining policies and procedures, accounting, human resources, or marketing.

Administrators oversee many departments at once. Along with making sure everything and everyone works efficiently they must also develop new ways for hospitals or clinics to expand their programs in scientific research, rehabilitation, or basic community healthcare. Many workers in this type of position must possess strong leadership skills as well as managerial skills. They must be organized and efficient in their plans.

Step 1 Education

Healthcare administrators can begin their careers by earning bachelor's degrees to gain entry level positions in order to transition into smaller manager roles. In your bachelor's studies you can expect to take courses in order to give you a round education regarding your mass of knowledge you will need to be in charge:

A master's in business administration or healthcare can place one in a head position where they can oversee whole facilities. In 1 to 2 years you can complete your master's however competition is high for a healthcare administrator. High GPA's, test scores, and recommendations are necessary in order to move up.

Some states require graduate students to obtain licensing and credentials in order to practice, especially if they are working in assisted living facilities.

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Step 2 Job Search

Many positions in healthcare administration are just as plentiful as others in the medical industry. Overall job growth is expected to increase by 35% in the next year alone. Those with experience in the health care industry, and long term experience in managerial positions stand a greater chance to earn higher incomes and greater promotions.

Step 3 Career

Medical service managers can advance in their field the more proficient they are at juggling every task. Once they begin as department managers they can expect to move onto assistant or associate administrators and then into full manager positions garnering higher pay. After years in the field some veterans will go on to become professors or consultants to health care management.

Many hospitals offer post-graduate fellowships or residencies in order to get firmly implanted as part of the facilities foundations. Income for workers can be quite high if one chooses to be ambitious enough to advance all the way to the top. Average salary can be around $70,000 a year while the most advanced can earn up to $130,000 annually.