Fastest Growing Healthcare Careers

Healthcare Careers

  • Medical Assistant

    Medical Assistant

    Medical assistants work in doctor's offices and hospitals and assist doctors and registered nurses. Medical assistants work closely with patients as well to schedule appointments and procedures. In addition, medical assistants provide secretary and laboratory assistance.

    Medical assistants take a variety of different classes in training school to help them perform their job upon graduation. Job opportunities for medical assistants are expected to be excellent according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • Massage Therapy

    Massage Therapy

    In massage therapy you use touch, pressure, and massage to manipulate the soft-tissues of the body. You will relieve patient's stress/pain and promote good health. Before administering therapy you will conduct an informal interview to determine client's treatment. Depending on the needs of the client you will administer a massage type.

  • Pharmacy Technician

    Pharmacy Technician

    As a pharmacy technician you will assist licensed pharmacists in receiving and refilling patient and doctor's office prescription requests. You will verify that information is accurate and compete. You will count, weigh, and measure medications. After gathering the medications and depositing them in bottles, you will then label them.

  • Healthcare Administrator

    Healthcare Administrator

    Healthcare administrators plan, coordinate, and oversee the functions of healthcare facilities and its staff members. Under their job description they are responsible for managing entire facilities, but specialists can be found maintaining policies and procedures, accounting, human resources, or marketing.

  • Occupational Therapy Assistant

    Occupational Therapy Assistant

    As an occupational therapist assistant (or occupational therapy assistant) you will help to provide medical rehabilitation services to mental or physically disabled patients. Under the guidance of fully certified occupational therapists they work in all types of health care facilities like hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, or psychiatric wards. Assistants aid in rehabilitative exercises for patients to in order to eventually help them function properly by themselves. They may help one dress themselves, feed themselves, or coach them to perform basic motor skills and walking on their own.

  • Practical Nurse

    Practical Nurse

    Licensed practical nurses (or LPN's) assist physicians and registered nurses day to day so that they can care for their patients in more specialized areas of medicine. They are responsible for booking appointments, keeping patient records, and performing clerical office duties. Practical nurses, like many health care workers, can work in facilities such as hospitals or nursing homes. They can also find positions in individualized care, providing assistance to individuals in their home or to employees for large companies.

  • Health Information Technician

    Health Information Technician

    Health information techs, or medical record techs, are responsible for gathering information regarding a patient's medical history, symptoms of illness, and which diagnostic tests and treatment methods they have received. They must manage all data in order to reinsure quality of service and security of a patient's confidential medical files. On a daily basis they must interact with physicians and nurses in order to properly determine the course of treatment.

  • Surgical Technician

    Surgical Technician

    Surgical Technologists assist in surgical operations. They work under the supervision of surgeons and registered nurses. As a surgical technologist, you will prepare the operating room and surgical instruments. You will assemble and sterilize equipment.

  • Medical Billing and Coding

    Medical Billing and Coding

    Medical billers and coders work in doctor's offices, hospitals and other clinics, assisting doctors and hospital administrators. Medical billers and coders update and maintain patient's medical records, fill our medical insurance forms with diagnostic codes and work with insurance companies to determine payment eligibility.

  • Medical Receptionist

    Medical Assistant

    Medical receptionists work in doctor’s offices, hospitals and other clinics, handling mostly secretarial duties. Medical receptionists are responsible for making a good first impression to patients and other medical personnel that they may make contact with.

  • Medical Administrative Assistant

    Medical Assistant

    Medical administrative assistants work in doctor's offices, hospitals and other clinics. Medical administrative assistant are responsible for accurately filling out patient records and insurance forms.

  • Dental Assistant

    Dental Assistant

    Dental assistants work closely with patients, dentists and dental hygienists. Dental assistants educate patients on dental health and perform routine cleanings, and assist the dentist with more complex procedures like fillings for cavities, etc.

  • Patient Care Technician

    Medical Assistant

    Patient care technicians work closely with patients. You will help patients bath, dress, and complete personal hygiene care. You will check vital signs, assist in medical examinations, perform electrocardiograms, and conduct phlebotomy. Unlike other nurses or staff members, you will be the patient's primary caregiver. Close relationships and trust will be formed between you and your patients.

  • Dialysis Technician

    Medical Assistant

    Dialysis technicians work in hospitals and some private dialysis units. Dialysis technicians help patients suffering from kidney malfunctions. Dialysis technicians help operate the machines which are used in dialysis that remove salt, waste and extra water from patient's blood.

  • Assisted Living Director

    Medical Assistant

    Assisted living directors manage financial records, supervise clinical staff, and oversee administrative facility operations. As a director, you will make sure the business and staff runs effectively. You will coordinate, plan, and supervise the departments that deliver healthcare to patients.

  • Ultrasound Technician

    Medical Assistant

    Ultrasound technicians use diagnostic imaging machines to help physicians diagnose illness and monitor fetus development in pregnant women. As an ultrasound technician you will use sonographs to create digital images. Sonographs use sound waves instead of radiation.

  • Physical Therapy Assistant

    Medical Assistant

    Physical therapy assistants aid physical therapists in treating patients. They work to improve patient's mobility, relieve pain, and prevent physical disabilities. As an assistant you will help patients exercise. You will provide instruction, electrical stimulation, massage, and balance training. Records must be kept of patient's treatment and progress.

  • Medical Transcriptionist

    Medical Assistant

    Medical transcriptionists are responsible for transcribing recordings made by health care professionals, such as doctors and surgeons, from their written medical reports, correspondence letters and e-mails, and other administrative material. With the use of a headset and foot pedal to start and stop the recordings medical transcriptionists relay their work on word processor computer programs for editing and dictation. Their documents can include discharge summaries, physical examination reports, diagnostic imaging studies, autopsy reports, and referral letters.

  • Certified Nursing Assistant

    Medical Assistant

    Certified nursing assistants, otherwise known as nurse aides, help with the care-taking of patients through the everyday tasks of living. They essentially watch over patients, usually elderly, who require around the clock care. Nursing assistants will report to registered nurses regarding progress or any special attention needed toward a patient. Some of their basic duties include bed-making, ambulation, bathing and feeding of patients, bathroom assistance, or even prepping for surgery or examinations. Depending on the employer duties can vary.

  • Phlebotomist

    Medical Assistant

    Phlebotomists are healthcare professionals who are responsible for drawing from patients and running it through various medical tests for diagnosis. Under this title they must update patient records, clean and sterilize medical equipment, check vitals, and send urine and fecal samples for lab testing.