Which Medical Career is the Right Fit for You

Posted: April 13, 2010

If you have already made the decision to jumpstart your career then you probably already have an idea of which direction you want to go in. Medical careers offer some of the best job opportunities out there for those who are qualified. Each position is vital to the stability of the medical industry and can usually take candidates 1 to 3 years to become certified to work. With the little time it takes to land such an in-demand job what you choose to do as a career comes down more to which type of job best fits you personally.

Even if you don’t have experience as a secretary or personal assistant you could find that a job as a medical receptionist, medical administrative assistant, or medical biller and coder could fit you to a tee if you are a naturally organized person. Many of the front office positions in healthcare facilities work like other business offices in that they require persons to handle clerical and administrative office duties, file and copy documents, answer phones, and coordinate events. These types of jobs hold significantly more importance because they directly deal with patients, their medical files, and their finances. Being successful with so many vital tasks requires a worker who is detailed, organized, and trustworthy.

If you’re the type of person who has these qualities but wants to be more hands-on in the practice of medicine you could pursue a more focused area of study such as a dental or surgical technician. Techs such as these must possess the same types of organizational skills as front office employees but they also must assist dentists, physicians, and surgeons during procedures. Their responsibilities spread over a wide range of duties. They must sterilize, inventory, and prepare materials for use as well as help out during surgeries, procedures, and check-ups.

Some of the best results from working in the healthcare industry are the opportunities for career advancement. The learning you pick up from years on the job can be a great advantage to you. Many who start their career off as assistants in the medical field go on to become supervisors and managers of entire floors, departments, or whole facilities. Healthcare administrators and assisted living directors work hard to oversee hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics across the country. Without their managerial expertise and deep understanding of the medical field they would be quite unsuccessful at their job. Those with ambitious spirit and a talent for executive decision making could expect quite a lucrative career if they chose it.

As important as the efficiency of the healthcare industry is, the heart of the profession comes through practitioners who are empathic and hardworking. The illnesses of the millions of patients that circulate throughout healthcare facilities across the nation not only require adequate medical treatment but also sympathetic care. Often these attributes are overlooked due to the mass numbers of people who need care. There are hundreds of thousands of openings each year for massage therapists, patient care technicians, nurses, and physical therapy assistants who work directly with patients in a very personal manner to assure that they receive proper treatment. The success of these professions would not be possible if it weren’t for persons who possessed the right kind of character traits such as sympathy, empathy, and compassion. While some will get into the medical industry because of it’s generous benefits and job security others will join up because of their natural ability to care for others.

There are many reasons to enter the healthcare job market. Depending on your personal traits you could find that making use off them could lead you to down a very rewarding career path. Ask yourself what you enjoy best about your personality. There are so many medical career choices that there is bound to be one job that matches you.

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