Spotlight: Medical Assistant

Posted: April 13, 2010

Medical assistants assist doctors, nurses and other medical personnel with patient care and hospital duties. Medical assistants also work closely with patients to help with basic procedures including helping the patient feel as comfortable as possible.

Schooling for medical assistants is generally between 1-2 years. During their training, medical assistants learn recordkeeping, diagnostic procedures, laboratory techniques, insurance processing and other skills that will help them during their career. After completing a medical assisting program, medical assistants are able to begin working with the public and hospital staff.

On an average day a medical assistant will perform many different tasks. Job opportunities for medical assistants include recording and updating patient records, filling out insurance information and arranging laboratory services. Medical assistant often help physicians tend to patients by performing basic medical procedures including recording patient's medical histories and vital signs.

Medical assistants must be at the top of their game and able to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. They may have rooms full of patients and have to be able to balance their time efficiently. While tending to patients, there are also phones to be answered and records to be filed. Being busy is a perk to being a medical assistant. You get to interact with many different people every day, thus it is never monotonous.

Medical assistants also perform office duties including answering telephones, scheduling appointments and greeting patients.

Medical assistants are responsible for helping the clinic in which they work, run smoothly and effectively. Medical assistants work in well-lit, clean office environments and must be able to juggle several responsibilities at once. Full-time medical assistants usually work a 40-hour workweek. Part-time medical assistants can have more flexible schedules working evenings and weekends.

Medical assistants have eventful and fulfilling careers. They are constantly testing out their skills and learning new techniques. A career as a medical assistant is a career that can benefit you and the people that you come in contact on a daily basis.

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