Financial Aid for Students going into Healthcare

Posted: May 11, 2010

Deciding to change the direction of your career is a big choice to make. It takes careful preparation and full understanding of the consequences. As wonderful as it is to pursue a new profession, training and school programs can cost a lot of money. Typically a student will spend in the thousands trying to pay for their education. Even though that can be a high amount for some, letting the worries of debt should never keep you from getting the career you want. There are many scholarships and grants across the nation that anyone in the medical field can apply for.

The most common types of financial aid programs available to most students still apply to those who are pursuing a degree in healthcare. The FAFSA (or Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is the most commonly used type of student loans out there. More students use this program than any other and, depending on your income wages, you can be granted thousands of dollars in loans, which you can pay off after graduation. The federal student loan program also offers Pell grants to qualified students. Pell grants serve as a type of loan that never have to be repaid. Based on your FAFSA information you could even have all of your schooling paid for by the government for free!

For those who already know what type of medical career they are going to pursue they can apply for scholarships through various national organizations. For instance, those who are going into nursing programs can exclusively apply to the American Association of Colleges and Nursing or the Oncology Nursing Society, both of which offer thousands of dollars in scholarships every year to nursing medical students. Radiology majors can also apply though the American Association of Radiologic Technologists. Even if you choose to pursue a career in the Dental Industry there are scholarships available to you as well! The American Dental Association and the American Dental Assistants Association both give out various scholarships to students who want to work in dental facilities.

It should also be noted that depending on which type of school you attend you can also apply for financial aid through their bursars office or financial aid department for private funds and loans. Many school counselors will have information at hand to make it easier for you to apply for these many new types of financial aids. Remember that no matter which career path you choose you should never let your goals be derailed by the bother of money. There are always alternatives and opportunities untapped. Make calls, ask questions, and never give up on something you love.

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