The Ever-Growing Healthcare Industry

Posted: May 11, 2010

Finding a job in harsh economic times can be extremely taxing (no pun intended) on the American people. Forging a lifelong career with professional goals for yourself can be even more difficult. There are many obstacles that can keep one from accomplishing all that they set out to do. For some industries, the opportunities have become much slimmer, but there is one in particular which has been offering more and more opportunities each year; The Healthcare Industry.

Healthcare is considered to be one of the largest business industries in the world. Its divisions make up two main group sectors; the healthcare equipment & services sector and the pharmaceuticals, biotechnology & related life sciences sector. Both work in unison to provide medical attention to millions of people across the globe as well as research facilities that create innovative medical technology and procedures. It’s understandable that an industry so large requires the work of many individuals. As the American medical business grows so does this need.

As of 2008 the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 14.3 million jobs were healthcare-related and that another 3.2 million new positions would be generated in the next 8 years. To accompany the rank of fastest growing industry the medical world now holds the title of boasting the top 20 fastest growing occupations in the U.S. With a 4-year bachelor’s degree, or in many cases a 1 to 2-year associate’s degree, graduates can obtain the knowledge and certification needed to have a long-standing career in the medical field.

With almost 600,000 established facilities making up the industry, healthcare has totaled $200 billion in revenue in the last year alone. Its vast reaching limbs have stretched across the globe and continue to invest themselves into newer and groundbreaking territories. New facilities such as hospitals, residential care nursing homes, dental and private physician offices, and ambulatory healthcare services continue to sprout up and profits continue to be on the rise. 72% of hospitals in the U.S., for example, employ more than 1,000 workers alone.

The main reasons the healthcare market is so appealing is because of the benefits it offers to its high number of employees. Workers receive medical benefits much better quality than other careers, as well as a secure career life. Some businesses cannot offer the same level of security but medical careers are often quite the opposite. While a worker might switch job locations, the sheer size of the industry and the high demand of all positions allows for workers to always have guaranteed employment no matter where they go.

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