10 Great Job Interview Tips

Posted: March 26, 2010

Once you get the job interview scheduled you need to make sure you don't blow it. Having a successful interview is all about balancing yourself. While you want to show your best side, you don't want to oversell yourself and scare off a potential call-back. If you take note of these 10 easy tips you can assure yourself a great interview

  1. Be Early

    Arriving early throws that saying "better late than never". You can be certain that arriving late at all will result in a definite no-hire situation. It's always best to leave 10 to 15 minutes early, in case you run into traffic or some other obstacle. Arriving also shows the interviewer you are punctual and responsible and it can count for a lot.

  2. Dress Appropriately

    You would be surprised how many people show up for a crucial job interview not wearing proper attire. Avoid wild or clashing colors. If you have a "colorful" personality, there's no need to show that off during a professional interview. Stick close to neutral colors, tuck your dress shirt in, and (if you're a woman) don't break out the super high heels. Moderation is the key. Let your job skills speak for you, not your outfit.

  3. Speak Clearly

    You want to convey yourself in a clear and efficient manner. Enunciate clearly so that you are heard and understood. Many people when they become nervous have a tendency to lower their tone of voice and mumble their words. You want to evoke confidence, so speak up and be heard!

  4. Be Specific

    Telling your interviewer about how amazing you are isn't being original. Everyone they have interviewed before you has done the same. You have to stand out by giving clear and specific examples of your accomplishments. Are you a hard worker? What have you done to prove this? Were you a good manager in your past job? What are some major issues you successfully tackled while you were in charge?

  5. Don't Be Negative

    Negativity is a huge turn off, especially in a job interview. If you had a bad experience in your past job don't dwell on it. It's inappropriate and immature. Simply state that you learned what kind of work environment doesn't work for you personally and that it was an important lesson to learn. Putting a positive spin on everything is a smart tactic and it makes a huge difference.

  6. Be Natural

    While some people become introverted and shy during an interview others become boisterous in an attempt to cover this up. Both ends of the spectrum are bad news. Acting natural to your personality is always your best bet. You shouldn't have to sell yourself so hard that you come off as fake. Simply answer each question thoughtfully and explain why you believe you are qualified. Excess is unnecessary.

  7. Research

    Businesses want employees who want to work for them in particular, not just someone who wants a job. Look up information on the company you're interviewing with. What do they do? How many people work there? Are there opportunities to advance? Not knowing anything about the place you're trying to work at could make you look pretty bad in front of a potential employer.

  8. Be Confident, Not Cocky

    Confidence is a great tool during the interview process but cockiness is not. If your attitude is too over-the-top it can be a major turn off. Your behavior is seen as an indication of how you will act if you were to be hired. Chances are a cocky employee won't get along too well with their co-workers, so try being humble. After all, has cockiness ever helped anyone?

  9. Eye Contact

    Simple eye contact with your interviewer can mean a lot. Not looking someone in the eye can be misconstrued as dishonesty. It can also be seen as being unfocused. Look someone in the eye when you speak to them.

  10. Open Body Language

    Having reserved body language can seem as if you are unable to adapt into a new work environment. Being closed off is undesirable in the job world. Employers want a confident go-getter; not a recluse. Show them you are outgoing and friendly. Don't fold your arms or keep your head down. Open body language and direct eye contact go hand in hand and they can be a lethal combination in your interviewing prowess.

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10 Great Job Interview Tips

Once you get the job interview scheduled you need to make sure you don't blow it. Having a successful interview is all about balancing yourself.

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